Monday, August 20, 2012

Working With the Sales Reps

Step 2 of this story involves working with our sales reps!

Meet K! She's our Ryan Homes sales rep! Not only does she work for Ryan but she is also purchasing a place in this development! K is super knowledgeable about building and about real estate in general. K's role in all of this is to be the go-to girl for questions and concerns!

K was the person to show us around the model home and gave us the insider knowledge as to what this community could really be, once it is finished. After talking with Jamie (the real estate agent) she said that K was one of the most knowledgeable sales representatives she has ever worked with--- Ryan home execs, if you are reading this give that girl a raise!!

I digress... since we signed the purchase agreement I have been working closely with K to talk about all of my options for the home and to keep in the know about loans, timelines, changes, etc. One thing that I think is really great about K is that, even though she was moved to a new development, she is keeping all of her original clients so that we can feel comfortable with one contact point. I really appreciated that because I know I would feel nervous being handed off to someone else.

The Ryan home reps at this development are super knowledgeable and down to earth. I like that she never pushed any of her opinions and never acted super salesy! As a future homeowner K explained what she was going to do in her house and why and gave me the opportunity to choose the same or different. It was a unique experience that I felt super comfortable with, and would recommend to any new buyer.

Thanks K for making the process, so far, go smoothly! I look forward to the months to come!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's Start from the Very Beginning

Welcome to my building blog! After reading a number of different building blogs I decided it would be a good idea to write my own. I plan on giving a factual account of my building experience with Ryan homes, while providing my own personal opinions about each part of the process. I will also introduce everyone to all the people who helped with this process.

My hope is that I can share my thoughts while reading about other's experiences in order to come out with the best home possible!! I am new to this process and look forward to learning as much as possible. I also hope to document each piece of the process not only as a help for others but also as a reminder to myself about what I've done and what I need to do. If I have learned anything from watching my parents build their house and from reading other building blogs, it is to be organized and prepared at all times. Everything in writing  and no stone unturned.

So, to really start at the very beginning, meet Jamie Mason-- my realtor. I actually found Jamie through twitter and began talking to her when I decided it was time to find a place of my own. She is a city girl, much like myself and knows the Baltimore area very well. We chatted back and forth about different neighborhoods and after hearing about Ryan homes I thought it would be a great idea to check it out! I had some reservations as it was not in my immediate Baltimore bubble- but I was so surprised at how wonderful the homes were and what potential there was to grow! After that first visit my life seemed to fly by. We visited the house on a Friday, for an official tour and Jamie really gave us input about what she saw was a worthwhile upgrade and how well a house like this would do in re-sale. Obviously my plan is to live here for quite some time, but at 24 you never know where the world will take you and I have to be ready for anything! Also attending this meeting was our sales rep-- K (we'll meet her soon) and by Monday we were signing the papers and I was a soon-to-be home owner. (In my opinion I wont officially be a home owner until the final expection is done- but for all intensive purposes let's just say homeowner)

It was a crazy feeling-- like being on cloud nine but being so nervous you might fall you are so overwhelmed! We celebrated the big purchase at dinner at Cinghale downtown (which might be the nicest dinner I go to for awhile after all the money I will be "donating" to this house) and I shared the great news with friends and family. In the next post I will introduce you to our sales rep K and how she walked us through the purchase process!